Leave EP

by Olivia Price

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released October 29, 2013

Production/Mixing: Olivia Price, Tyler Ringland, and Evan Whildin
Music and Lyrics: Olivia Price
Album Art: Sarah Childers



all rights reserved


Olivia Price Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Rain Song
Give me the wind
To hold inside my hand
Why does it slip away
And leave me behind?

Write me love songs
Sing me lullabies
Why does the moon hang low
Inside your eyes?
Track Name: Branded
How many times can I resist?
I'm biting my tongue, avoiding consequences
Fill up the void that I fell in
Bruised and alone
Oh, I should have known

I scream, but no words come out
I scream, but you like it
You trap me in promises
You're branded on my skin
You're branded on my skin

I can't wait any longer
So I'll bury my time in my tomb
Trapped in a lie disguised as love
Still I can't see
What's become of me.
Track Name: For Familiarity's Sake
Call me when you get home
And when you're alone
I have so much to tell you
So much you don't know
We run around in circles
Chasing ambiguity
Coming up short
On who we strive to be

Where are the answers
To the problems we have caused?
Find a way to escape
This man-made mirage
And you're not looking
For love in the right place

But it can't be found
In an expected space
So you look to your past
For familiarity's sake
And it's this blindness we embrace

Rewrite your memories
To perfect your wrongs
Forget the part where you denied me
But strung me along
And yet you're looking
For love in my face

But it can't be found
In an expected space
So you look to your past
For familiarity's sake
And it's this silence we embrace

And you're still looking
And I'm still looking
And we're both wanting
Track Name: Leave
Keep his silhouette in mind
Never mind how hard you've tried
Erase the memory from what was
Make room for the new ones
Make room for the new one

You had to leave this town
Hide your love away
From the burdens here
No more mistakes
Leave our love to waste away

We say that there's a time and place
And all we have to do is wait
But that seems like a mistake
Why do we have to negotiate?
We shouldn't have to negotiate.